Eighteen81 Agency is a marketing group that was created to meet the needs of two unique spaces: the creative and competitive world of traditional digital and print marketing, as well as the specialized and law-restricted healthcare industry.

Almost ten years ago, we began as a niche marketing group focused on delivering industry-leading design, development, and search strategies for the healthcare industry. Our team worked with clients from single physician practices to multi-state specialty groups, helping them deliver their unique messages across multiple platforms to increase patient interaction and billing, as well as to attract the attention of top-tier talent.

As our medical client base expanded over the years, we we were frequently asked by clients and external groups to assume the management of projects that fell outside of the healthcare space. While we happily took on many of these projects, it soon became clear that we needed to restructure our group in order to facilitate the coexistence of our two worlds. It was this convergence that Eighteen81 Agency was born.

While our team remains dedicated to our healthcare clients, we are also actively working with many groups requiring a more traditional marketing strategy. We offer a full line of services, including search engine optimization and advertising, graphic design services for web and print, custom development of industry-leading websites, video production and editing, custom content, and many more.