Account Management

Getting the job done well and making you happy.
How is account management useful?

While every partner is assigned an account manager from our team no matter the project size, it's important to highlight the critical role your account manager will play. This individual is your main point of contact and will relay information and direction to the team to make sure that every piece of your marketing campaign happens on time and the way it is supposed to. You won't have to contact several members of our team to get your questions answered and see your projects completed, which saves you time and frustrations. The creative and technical teams rely on the account managers to coordinate all of the moving pieces of the project, and the same reliability is available to you as well.  

Your account manager is available to you via phone or email and can set up face-to-face meetings when appropriate. We have created a partner portal for you to access files, receive internal updates, and correspond with your account manager at your convenience.

Our team has a partner-mentality, not a client-mentality.