Social Media

How is social media valuable to a business?

Your customers are on social media platforms, so it's only natural that you should meet them where they're at. Our team assesses your customer demographic to determine which social media platform is most popular and then creates a branded presence appropriate for that platform. Content is posted to promote engagement, and comments are monitored for both good and bad patient reviews. Social media provides a platform where you have the ability to control the message that is being distributed about your business while providing education and information to your demographic. 

As important as having a social media strategy is, knowing how healthcare laws apply to social media is even more important. Our team takes a conservative approach to protecting patient privacy on social media and is knowledgeable in appropriate ways of encouraging patient interaction. We are extremely creative and adept in the context of healthcare legalities in social media, and have exponentially grown social media platforms for many of our partners. 

With nearly three quarters of all online adults on social media, it's critical that you have a social media presence controlled by your brand.